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Time Out says – ‘The Potting Shed’

The last time Graham Greene’s 1957 play ‘The Potting Shed’ was performed in London, in 1971, the cast included that Peter Pan of pop, Cliff Richard. Both star and play have fallen from fashion and in both instances Christianity seems to have something to do with it. Cliff’s cuddly evangelism turned off younger audiences. And…

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Greene rarity raises the spirits

The answer is James Callifer, the estranged son in Graham Greene’s 1958 drama The Potting Shed. This fascinating rarity, not seen in London since 1971, is now given a gripping, lucid revival by Svetlana Dimcovic. Speaking as a scarred survivor of Sir Cliff’s Heathcliff, I’m at a loss to imagine how he coped with the…

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