• Svetlana Dimcovic’s revival builds up a sense of mounting pressure.

    — Michael Billington, —
  • Svetlana Dimcovic’s revival is propulsive, engrossing and boldly characterised.

    — Andrzej Lukowski, Time Out —
  • Svetlana Dimcovic’s production is both tactful and authentic. As James, Paul Cawley delivers a performance that blends feverish frustration and genuine agony. Martin Wimbush is excellent as his uncle, a priest with a drink problem, while Zoe Thorne conveys a nicely puckish scepticism as James’s teenage niece Anne.

    — Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard —
  • This fascinating rarity, not seen in London since 1971, is now given a gripping, lucid revival by Svetlana Dimcovic.

    — Paul Taylor, The Independent —
  • Svetlana Dimcovic’s fine production, nicely framed in a series of quiet 1950s interiors, keeps the tension well and makes gripping work of the big revelation scene, with Paul Cawley as James, sweaty-palmed and shaking, holding the stage.

    — Sarah Hemming, Financial Times —
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